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Welcome to Vaccinated Earth.

We are a small group of artists and designers based in and around New York City. Most of us normally work in theater and live events.

Our lives, like everyone's, have been turned upside down by this pandemic. Early in February one of our cohort was supposed to be taking a show to China. When that got cancelled we were like, whoa, that's big. But we never could have imagined that it would have been coming to take down Broadway and our whole industry.

So we've all been getting by as best we can. It's been a long year.

The new vaccines' promise has us super excited that before long life can get back towards normal. But for that to happen a huge portion of the population has to buy in and get vaccinated. One of our biggest fears is that the politicization of public health, like we saw throughout 2020, could wreck this potential.

So Vaccinated Earth is our effort to be creative and advocate for everyone to get vaccinated. Please consider getting one of our shirts or other products and displaying it proudly. It means you have faith in facts and science. It means you have the optimism to live in the future.

In these disquieted times we're not under the illusion that that there is any possibility that our efforts will not piss off anybody. If that is you we apologize in advance. It's because of that we are making our designs available but choosing to keep ourselves personally incognito. If our mission or any of our designs displease you in any way please accept that they are offered in the spirit of motivating uptake of the biggest vaccination effort in human history.

Thanks for your support and let's be prepared to get vaccinated!

The Vaccinated Earth Team.